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Client Results

"I’ve always been confident in the gym, having covered all types of training from playing rugby at a decent level. My struggle has always been nutrition, and although I’m knowledgeable in what I should be fuelling myself with the accountability just wasn’t there. Having worked with Jamie from the beginning of this year we put the hammer down and he helped with this, regular check ins and on hand 24/7 when temptations are high. A genuine coach whose willing to put in the time and effort with tailored plans."

Will Blinch, West Sussex

"Since working with Jamie, there has been a night and day difference in my training, nutrition and recovery. I have learnt an incredible amount about my body and how to optimise my training to get the most of every workout. I couldn’t recommend Jamie highly enough for anyone, whether you’re just starting out looking to put on some muscle & tone up, or looking to compete like myself. Using Jamie’s services are like making an investment into your future self."

Harry Latos, Loughborough

"I started with Jamie wanting to loose weight and feel more confident in myself. He supplied a nutrition plan with foods I love without restricting too much and allowing room for social events. His methods pushed me to do things I would have usually been scared of. 
I now love going to the gym and feel way more body confident and open to try new exercises. 
I really couldn’t recommend Jamie as a coach enough. He made me comfortable throughout my weight loss journey and I have never felt better about myself because of his expertise."

Caitlan King, London


"I started JN Coaching with little to no gym experience, and just wanted to lose weight and sort out my diet. Being on the programme under a month I saw the weight drop off of me, and strength increased with it. Now a few months in, the progress made, and the phases of weight loss and training he puts you through is second to none.


I would recommend Jamie to anyone who wants to better themselves physically and mentally."

Matt Hooper, London

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